Aalto Production was founded in 2018, and ever since we have been working successfully with prestige client-portfolio around the globe, with the main focus on producing stills, video content and taking care of the entire production process. Our expanding client portfolio consists of fashion, lifestyle and luxury brands, as well as some of the most well-known fashion publications and high-profile figures. 

We work and communicate with talents from each level, providing opportunities for aspiring creatives as well as spearhead large scale productions with well known top professionals in their field. 

We Care.

We value efficiency and transparency in our productions, without unnecessary hierarchy. We direct our productions with modern Scandinavian leadership valuing gender equality and skills rather than age or background. 

Green and human sets of values will drive us to be better in planning sustainable productions. Supporting local and small businesses will guarantee that we will give back to the local communities as much as possible. 

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